Friday, December 16, 2011

EVE - Sorry, We Can't Just Be Friends

I made this blog a while back, intending to write about a game I used to play, called EVE Online. I made one post, and that was it.

Going forward this blog will be about FerretsCatWeatherSciencePhotosNatureSelf-sufficiencyPhilosophyRantingCookingPatchworkDiningGardeningBeadsPeople and frankly whatever I find interesting, funny or thought provoking on any given day.

But first I am saying goodbye to EVE.

We met back in the summer of 2009, and it was a rocky start. EVE was not an easy game to get to know.

For anyone who is not familiar with the game, it is an MMO set in space. It is theoretically pure sandbox, content is created by players though their interaction with each other, either co-operative or antagonistic (but mostly the latter).

EVE stands for Everybody Versus Everybody. It is a universe of scamming, spying, smack-talking, backstabbing, paranoia and outright war, where the biggest arsehole generally "wins". The good side of all this nasty, is that when you find a handful of people who have stood by you with complete loyalty and unswerving support in a world that rewards betrayal, you make gamer friends for life.

Sadly I realised several months back that my "play" time had become a second job, and that the game I had invested two years of my life in was no longer fun. I was really only logging on to spend time with the friends I had made. Most of the stuff I was doing in game was out of duty - I "have" to scan, I "have" to build this thing that someone needs, I "have" to haul fuel, etc. EVE can probably be played casually, but I had put myself in a position where it was impossible to be "just friends" with this game.

So, long story short, I have cancelled my three subscriptions, and heeded the advice of the many arrogant smack-talkers (including myself on more than one occasion) - I have gone back to WoW. And Diablo 3. And Minecraft. And cooking. And my patchwork. And walking. And fishing. And learning. And reading. And relaxing. And all the other stuff I ignored while I was playing EVE.

Sure feels good to be back on Earth!

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